Aircraft Manufacturing and Distribution

Fully Certified (Part 24) Ready-to-Fly Zenair CH 750 Series of Aircraft:

  • 2-seat STOL CH 750 “Sky Jeep” – Ideal for off-airport operations
  • 2-seat CRUZER CH 750 – Perfect for X-Country flights and training
  • 3-seat SUPER-DUTY CH 750-SD – All-terrain utility & heavy hauling!

Servicing & Maintenance Support

Full-Service maintenance, parts and repairs in SACAA-approved facility for:

  • Type-certified as well as non type-certified Aircraft (Experimental)

• Aircraft Interiors

• Aircraft Spray Painting

• Aircraft Avionics

• Aircraft Maintenance

  • 49% Assembly assistance for Vans’ Aircraft Kit

Visiting Adventure Air…

Appointment : Before making travel arrangements to visit Adventure Air, Please make an appointment, and schedule appointments during our regular business operating hours (7 am–4:30 pm, Monday – Friday).

Call (+27 12 543 3196) or (+27 66 472 7848)

Safety at Adventure Air

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the workshop unless under adult supervision. The workshop is not a play area for children. While in the Workshop or Assembly production hanger, please use good common-sense & safety practices: Please wear the eye protection, and safety equipment provided